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tv   [untitled]    January 8, 2012 8:01am-8:31am PST

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temporary art pat and where the gothic rock ship was brought to the park. we have the opportunity to feature in use are and entertainment as supervisor wiener mentioned -- there's an important component of this. we can use arts and entertainment programming to distribute the population of visitors. like many here, i feel that local art and entertainment should form an important cornerstone of the america's cup plan. we have seen that burning man over a period of two decades that having a large community gathering balanced with distributed participation has led to a healthy cultural art experience with a temporary city based upon our and expression. i would urge there be a balance of a larger central plan and a
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format for decentralized, creative and cultural and community engagement. the third point is i would like to caution that any infrastructure investment and support of america's cup useful to residents after america's cup. there's often a tendency to over invest in normally larger than needed structures. we have seen paths to engage different areas of the city and public green spaces and potentially a public amphitheater along the waterfront that might be used for an additional cultural engagement without sound issues which often challenged many of us and the creative community who wish to express ourselves without annoying neighbors. i hope we can be a part of the solution. [tone] supervisor mar: i want to thank all of the creative people have
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come today. the breath of fresh air and the artists and arts organizations are with us in city hall. my hope is that the event authority and the port and the other entities involved can work alongside the arts groups and individuals to develop that comprehensive, city-wide arts and culture program that would benefit the america's cup and the whole city. i also want to say that my hope is that we can follow up with this hearing in two months around early february where hopefully there will be more meat on the bones. but i want to thank mike martin from the office of economic and work-force development. thank you for being here and presenting. also, my hope is of conversations can continue on as we have started from earlier this year. colleagues, did you have any comments? supervisor wiener: i want to thank everyone for coming out. in terms of my previous comment, i know the
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entertainment division has had some involvement so far. i think it was recently a meeting with the office of small business and entertainment commission convened so that the club and are operators knew what was going on. i think it's important to include the entertainment commission intimately because that is the way to not only get the word out but help make sure that when visitors come, they know of all the opportunities for entertainment around the city, including the clubs and bars as well as the cultural and arts offerings. i think someone mentioned or maybe i just heard -- even if it is just an app that allows people to know everything that's going on in the city, working with the entertainment commission on that would be great. supervisor mar: i want to thank everyone for gathering up quite a few of the arts organizations. what a great representation that
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was here today. supervisor cohen: i also wanted to echo the representatives from the arts. it was a good committee meeting and i encourage you to come back. supervisor mar: it is exciting, the ideas people have brought forward. i hope we can put it together for this like other cities like los angeles or atlanta have had. can we continue this item to the call of the chair without objection? within two months to have an update from the various departments? i would like to ask for a five or 10 minute recess and the next item will start at that time. thank you.
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busupervisor mar: thank you
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everyone for your patience. could you call the next item? >> a hearing on formula stores in this city and county of san francisco and impact on small businesses, neighborhoods, workers and the economy. supervisor mar: i have been working with a coalition of leaders and small business organizations and many community-based groups as well to figure out ways we could help enhance our diverse and vibrant small-business sectors and merchant corridors. this hearing is called in that interest. in 2007, san francisco approved proposition g which required any formula retail use trying to move into any of our neighborhood commercial districts to obtain a conditional use authorizations. since that time, we have seen a huge number of applications for formula retail businesses to move into san francisco and there has not been a serious
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attempt to analyze the impact these companies are having on our local economies and neighborhoods. i'm well aware of how difficult it is for our small businesses to survive in these hard economic times and i have heard from the small business commission and many merchants in my neighborhood throughout the city -- and throughout the city on how hard it is as they feel threatened by the growing presence of formula retail competitors. many provide substandard wages and benefits to their workers and bring them buildings and facades not in keeping with the character of our neighborhoods. it is imperative that we have a clear understanding of how our city is being changed by their presence. the purpose of this hearing is to get a better understanding of the scale of formula retail in san francisco, how it is impacting the city, and our efforts to regulate these
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businesses are working and how we can help our small business sector survive and flourish. i want to thank the people who have been extremely helpful pulling this hearing together, not only my key legislative staffer, but jennifer from the office of economic and work force development and regina from our office of small business and her staff as well. we have a number of speakers lined up and i just want to first say i think [unintelligible] will be joining us. first is the planning department. perhaps we could wait for her to arrive and i will ask if regina could present briefly. i know we have had a number of conversations.
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supervisor wiener: i want to thank everyone for coming today. when we talk about formula retail, in addition to all the points the chairman made about dealing with having a mix of businesses in our neighborhood, one issue i hope people will address today which i think goes hand in hand is how to improve our cu process. we believe in having strong neighborhood and put when we talk about the cartel activity, commercial corridors and whether formula retail stores come in. but one of the reasons we see pushed back for expanding the formula retail controls is that the conditional use process is exceptionally log cumbersome,
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painful and expensive. i hope in having the formal retail discussion, we can talk about ways to make it a better process for everyone. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm from the office of small business. my comments today are going to be around discussions, and formal recommendations the commission has had in its committee meetings. to be clear, the commission has not had a formal hearing a around this particular issue, so to provide any definitive direction or recommendations from the office or commission, that's not what my comments are about, but to provide you with information about the discussions we have had as we move forward -- we will be using these as guidelines for us.
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in 2009 and 2010, the small business commission did make to formal recommendations to the planning commission not to approve a pet store formula retail. the commission did make these recommendations because the businesses came to the commission and so the commission responded to their request. in general, the commission does not take positions on a formula retail as a matter of course. in both instances, the small business commission's fault the guidelines in the planning code to make their recommendation and their recommendation was in the surrounding neighborhood was well served by the number of pet stores and there are plenty of similar retail uses within the
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eight block radius of the proposed site. in addition, in 2009, in a letter to the planning commission, are commission noted the city was actively recruiting this particular formula retail business into a couple of neighborhood marketplace initiative areas due to the lack of a pet supply store. this particular formula retail entity declined the city's efforts to recruit as its choice was to be in higher income neighborhoods. this caused the commission to look at some of the criteria and are there other ways we could incentivize formula retail entities going into other areas? in addition, the commission did make some notes with those recommendations that one significantly more money said nerf -- circulates when
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purchases are made at locally owned stores rather than outside area at or nationally owned businesses? a bit from the san francisco locally owned merchants -- merchants association. he will speak to dead details, but we used that study to provide some of our comments. most of our job has been distributed to that work force. what kind businesses are an integral part of our city's character and it -- homogenization impacts the character of our neighborhood. locally owned businesses are invested in our community and make strong commitments to


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